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Indoor Cannabis is a free online resource for individuals who are new to what is commonly known as weed or marijuana.  This free online resource is a great tool for intermediate cannabis gardeners and an opportunity for master gardeners to share their knowledge.  Importantly, this website will use the term cannabis instead of marijuana or weed.  This free online resource is brought to you by Captain Sunshine, a native San Diegan, Social Worker, and medical cannabis advocate since 2007.  Our hope is to be able to share how to cultivate a zero waste, sustainable, eco-friendly cannabis garden.  In addition, Captain Sunshine and friends place emphasis on non-toxic healthy craft cannabis practices.   Please feel safe and welcome to comment, email, and share.  Together, we hope to create an online cannabis community providing an opportunity to link resources, bridge opportunities, educate on cannabis best practices, evidence based research, and encourage a safe and thriving cannabis community.


Please check out our resources :

Beginners Guide to Getting Started

Lights and Growing

Grow Mediums to Use

Pest Control

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