Cannabis Cleansing THC Treats Tension

By: Captain Sunshine


Often, many connoisseurs of cannabis think of cleansing THC from the system when they approach the word “cleanse.”  However, when you use the perception as cannabis for well-being and thriving how do you perceive the word “cleanse” with cannabis?  Cannabis is like turmeric, a natural aspirin, reducing inflammation in the body, and decreases in anxiety and stress within muscle tissues and reduction in cortisol.  Therefore, cannabis is a welcome addition to health and wellness, self-care, and personal growth and expansion in character.

Cannabis is the logical substitute to cut back on alcohol and decrease free radicals in your body.

You nurture your body and mind with cleansing yourself of everyday environmental toxins, everyday demands, expectations, and relieve your obligations and demands with nurturance from THC.  Athletes monitor their nutrition, scientists monitor their experiments, parents monitor their children, and you monitor your happiness.

You are the commander nurturer of your mind, you command your body, and you choose to cleanse your mind and body of everyday stress.  THC is a portal into your breath, a portal into your body, and a portal into your mind.  You can choose to use THC to increase your happiness, relaxation, exploration, and expansion to find the best version of yourself.

Strong Indica dominant and cbd prevalent strains are the best for meditation.  The central nervous system responds extremely well to long inhales and exhales of the breath.  A brief pause in between breaths allows for stillness of the mind, stillness of the breath, and stillness of the body. In that moment of stillness you can experience eternity, experience the infinite, and experience oneness.  The brain restores hormones to nominal levels and regular functioning when in states of stillness.

Cleanse your being with a THCS cleanse cannabis practice.  I prefer waking up at 4 am smoking, engage in breathing and meditation, arrive to the gym or yoga studio at 5:30 a.m. go to work at 8 a.m. smoke at 4:30 pm and go to yoga or gym at 5 p.m.  Great life 🙂  I engage in this practice in 21 day cycles.

For yourself. Set aside time after work.  Smoke, inhale 5 second count, hold 2-3 seconds, exhale 5 second count.  Modify count as appropriate.  After smoking, continue in this breathing technique for 10-15 breaths with your eyes closed.  Sit firmly on your bottom with an erect or elongation in the spine.  Shoulders are back and down and chin is slightly tucked.  Left palm sits in your lap with your right palm on top.  Observe your breath, observe where your breath fills your stomach, chest, lower back, back of ribs, collar bones, and upper back of chest.

Fill your lower abdomen with air about two inches below your belly.  Your belly expands like a balloon or rises like a cake.  Feel your lower back release on expansion of your lower abdomen.  Fill your belly up evenly like a rectangle with four corners.  When you release your breath, do not control the release, surrender your breath.  On the exhale, the lower abdomen sinks in towards the spine, and raises up like an elevator.  As you suck your stomach in the lower abdomen and as the elevator raises the chest expands and spine lengthens.

After engaging in mind, breath, body awareness, relax, lie down and observe any sensations in your body for 15 minutes or so in silence. Allow any thoughts to be, obverse the thought, and surrender the thought as a cloud moving on a windy day.  Observe stillness in the mind, observe stillness in the body, and surrender control of your breath.

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