President Trump: Executive Orders, Jeff Session’s on Marijuana and Cannabis

By: Captain Sunshine

Background, Jeff Sessions Talks About Violent Crime, Drugs, Substances

On Wednesday March 15th, 2017 Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke to Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement in Richmond Virginia.  The dialogue was on “Efforts to Combat Violent Crime and Restore Public Safety.”  What a great topic.  Relevant, important, and effects every child and family in America.  What a great opportunity to bring together multiple agencies!  This is what Captain Sunshine loves about Homeland Security. Though imperfect as all infrastructures Homeland Security brings together multiple Federal Agencies to address extremist challenges.

I admire Jeff Sessions for having the vision to create the Department of Justice Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety.  If I, Captain Sunshine were in charge of such a Department I would call it the “Department of Peace: Task Force on Crime Prevention, Reduction, and Well Being.” The Department of Justice Task Force on Crime Prevention and Public Safety is a great first step.  America needs infrastructure to evaluate and develop appropriate interventions to crime and public safety.  The task force will be lacking scientists such as Captain Sunshine.  The task force needs scientists with experience with murderers, gangsters, kid gangsters, to that of lgbtqi homeless youth in human trafficking.

What will Jeff Sessions focus on?

In Jeff Sessions address he says “First, we’re making sure the federal government focuses our resources and efforts on this surge in violent crime.”  In an effort to address President Trumps three recent Executive Orders issued on February 9, 2017.  President Trump calls for the Federal Government to reduce crime and restore public safety.  What this means to persons who consume marijuana or cannabis is there is no rational reason to be afraid of our government.  If you consume cannabis for medical purposes, like Captain Sunshine, you should actually feel elated.  Jeff Sessions and President Trump are not about to go around the United States shutting down medical cannabis.. medical cannabis serves our veterans, Patriots, and persons with serious mental health, and physical challenges.

Ready carefully Jeff Sessions words for the Federal Governments first priority, “Violent crime.”  First, medical cannabis is legal, here under state law in California where Captain Sunshine lives.  One, Captain Sunshine has a valid medical recommendation.  Two, Captain Sunshine obeys California cannabis laws.  Three, Captain Sunshine does not engage in crime, and nor is Captain Sunshine violent.  Thus, no logical reason for fear.

Further, Jeff Session reports, “Second:  We need to use every lawful tool we have to get the most violent offenders off our streets.”  Okay, let’s be real simple America.  Marijuana and cannabis do not attract “the most violent offenders,” in America or internationally.  Jeff Sessions new task force needs to research the amount of violent crime reported in States with medical cannabis and recreational cannabis.  We then compare those statistics versus alcohol.  Our job as scientists is harm reduction to citizens in America. Our job as scientists is not to take away freedoms in order to prevent harm, yet to observe the right to self-determination.  Therefore, scientists like Captain Sunshine advocate for harm reduction.

Harm reduction is the idea if there are 100 road fatalities a year due to driving under the influence.  Therefore, how do we reduce the number of road fatalities to 90 persons?  We then, develop a hypothesis, and develop an intervention to test in order to hopefully create a theory.

What types of interventions?

Jeff Sessions continues with his talk highlighting his belief, “there are three main ways to fight the scourge of drugs: criminal enforcement, treatment, and prevention.”  Indeed!   Captain Sunshine cannot agree more with Jeff Sessions.  However, let’s expand on those themes a little.  Treatment needs to include mental health experts like Captain Sunshine who are Social Workers.  Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Social Workers are the best opportunity to combat substance use and abuse.  Social Workers are like Jedi Knights trained to combat the scourge Jeff Sessions and President Trump care so much about!

Further, Jeff Session goes into the topic of, “treatment programs are also vital.”  Further stating, “treatment often comes too late to save people from addiction or death.  So we need to focus on the third way we can fight drug use:  preventing people from ever taking drugs in the first place.”  Captain Sunshine cannot agree more!  However, how this is accomplished needs Captain Sunshine’s expertise. Because, Jeff Sessions and America will fail without understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences.  Unfortunately, Jeff Sessions is not surrounded by scientists and Patriots like Captain Sunshine whom he can trust and respect.

Jeff Sessions talks about marijuana

More so, Jeff Sessions said to reporters, “I think medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much.”  You know what America, Captain Sunshine agrees!  Medical Cannabis and Medical Marijuana have received waaay too much hype.  Why, because so many persons have little to no understanding on Adverse Childhood Experiences.  Importantly, brain development, from inception to death of the human, and the effects of cannabis on the human brain during our life cycle.  Yes, people experience the medical benefits who are indeed suffering, are in pain physically, and mentally without understanding the medical properties.  Yet, many persons do use medical cards to just get high when they are not expressing an ailment.  However, who cares?

Captain Sunshine use to really care.  Captain Sunshine use to be straight edge.  Now, science has illumined Captain Sunshine’s mind to understand alcohol is the leading killer, related to domestic violence, depression, and suicide.  Cannabis should be recreational for all Americans.  Captain Sunshine nearly took his life with alcohol and depression.  Since, cannabis has played a vital role in medicating chronic depression.  Further, alcohol often triggers PTSD in Captain Sunshine.  Therefore, cannabis is a safer recreational substance than alcohol for many Patriots like Captain Sunshine.

If Captain Sunshine and Jeff Sessions met, we could easily like one another.   Captain Sunshine use to think extremely like Jeff Sessions.  Indeed, agreeing with prevention which includes the “Just Say No” thought process.  As well as, the thought process of educating our children to never engage in the use of substances in order to mitigate threats, prevent likely damage to the brain, and psychological development.  For sure, Jeff Sessions and Captain Sunshine would get along.  However, Captain Sunshine has seen a lot of things since his time with Homeland Security, the United Nations, The International Rescue Committee, and working with inner city youth, kids in gangs, foster youth, homeless lgbtqi youth, and homeless veterans.

If there were a leading expert on mental health, substance use and abuse, and possible measures for prevention, education, and therapeutic intervention Captain Sunshine is number one.  Therefore, Captain Sunshine is completely unafraid of Jeff Session’s, President Trump, and the Drug Enforcement Agency (whom Captain Sunshine does have friends in the DEA, great guys).  In reality, Captain Sunshine friends at the DEA care about the real bad guys and not marijuana or cannabis.

The DEA cares about Human Trafficking, Heroin, Opioids, and other extremely toxic synthetic substances.  If the DEA came to arrest Captain Sunshine he would comply, the whole time with a smile, and loads of love and sunshine from the heart like a Care Bear.  Why, because the thought is ridiculous.  If my life was in review by a judge he would scoff at the charges.  Captain Sunshine saves lives, and does not destroy them.

Do not be afraid of using medical cannabis

Okay, let’s revisit the whole idea.  Jeff Sessions created a new task force in response to President Trump and his Executive Orders.  These orders focus on, “violent crime,” as well as, “drug trafficking” and “illegal immigration.”  As long as your cannabis does not engage in violent crimes and trafficking of cannabis to states with differing cannabis laws.  Importantly, your cannabis does not engage in illegal immigration you are OK!  Do not be afraid.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.  Not necessarily in that order, but in the end leads to suffering.  Do not be afraid of consuming cannabis under the Trump administration or with Jeff Sessions as our Attorney General.  Let your heart be light, and know you are loved.

Captain Sunshine

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