Beginners Guide Grow Setup under $3,000

The following page will review a setup that costs under $1,500 dollars.  The following costs $1,175.92 dollars.  We need to update a few nick knacks still.  Captain Sunshine and friends present this list based on our personal gardening experiences.  Sunshine’s gardening experiences began in 2007 in order to establish a compassionate collective, whose priority was service/ availability (tear down the barriers to distance for individuals with transportation health challenges, access, safety, discretion, and affordability).  The following setup will allow the home gardener to produce quality medicine, which is consistent in yield, a lower cost model, on a scale of 1 to 10 the model requires a 7.25 in a labor learning curve with challenges.  However, a moderately experienced gardener may rank the labor and quality control around 5.25 in difficulty.  An experienced gardener feels at one with the Force with this method.  Together, the cannabis, and the gardener are one. Ebb n Flow as the moon, the tides, increase oxygen levels to root zones, mimic Mother Nature, and produce results efficiently and effectively.

As well, for fun, Captain Sunshine will write this article referring to oneself as “Captain” and “Sunshine” interchangeable.  This is because the Captain grew up with Care Bears and Captain America.  Who better than become the Captain of Sunshine for feelings, advocacy, mental health, wellness, and good ol fun.

In addition, the post will focus on a User Friendly Cannabis Connoisseur.  In order to increase access, increase simplicity, streamline purchases, the Captain will use Amazon Smile as our medium for purchases.  All links were accessible on March 7, 2017.  Price may decrease or increase in such time.  Please be mindful this list may be incomplete and is an offering from our heart to provide an opportunity for an amazing Cannabis garden.  Please post any challenges and remedies.  We look forward to building a community together.

Furthermore, AmazonSmile allows the Cannabis Connoisseur to choose their favorite nonprofit of choice.  A portion of purchases made will go to your charity of choice, yay! I choose Camp Hope as my nonprofit of choice if you desire a recommendation.  I choose Camp Hope because I myself am a survivor of domestic violence.  Camp Hope provides an opportunity for children, adolescents, and youth to go to a camp where they can just be kids. They get to go white water rafting, hiking, swimming in the lake, arts and crafts, engage in science, and have a counselors who have competency in trauma service delivery.  Trauma service delivery allows counselors to be mindful if children have been physically beaten and why children behave with oppositional defiance disorder, develop patterns of self-harm, or other modes of communication that do not support healthy communication and love for the self and empathy for others.

Shine Your Light on Me, A Cannabis Love Story: By Captain Sunshine

We will begin with our selection of lights.  Our sexy lights of choice will be the Phantom Ceramic Metal Halide Reflector, Ballast and Bulb kit 3100k.  One light will cost $388.99 before tax yet offers free shipping.

The order comes complete with a Phantom Ceramic Metal Halide reflector, ceramic halide-specific digital ballast, and a Philips Master Power CDM 3100K lamp/ bulb.  Captain chooses Ceramic Metal Halide lamps because the light offers cannabis a high-quality growth spectrum, incredible par per watt effectiveness, in addition to UV energy for cannabis quality.  Increases in efficiency parallel technological performance and output of cannabis.  Captain chooses Ceramic Metal Halide lamps because the light offers cannabis a value in utility because of a photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) at 1.95 µmol/second.  More so, Sunshine approves of an extra-long life cycle as the technology offers a 90% PAR output at 8,000 hours and 20,000-hour life.


How to Relieve you and your Cannabis’ heavy breathing and sweating

The next piece of equipment we will choose is the Ducting Y connector.  The Y Connector is 8 inches by 8 inches by 8-Inch inches.   The distributor is DCS Solutions.  The unit cost is $20.84 and includes Free Shipping.  As well, in order to purchase the most affordable product look to the tab on the right for “Other Sellers on Amazon” in order to not purchase from HydroFarm who is 2.52 cents more expensive.


Teach Me How to Breath

In order to channel the hot air out of our room we will use eight inch ducting.  The ducting is on AmazonSmile as “VenTech VT DUCT-8 VTD825 Aluminum Duct for Ventilation Ducting, 8.”  The unit price is $23.99 and includes FREE Shipping.  The product is a flexible design for Ventilation made from Aluminum.  The challenge factor from 1-10 is 3 with easy installation with any standard 8″ inline fan using a pair of 8″ metal clamps or all weather duct tape.  The product is specifically for ventilation purposes.


Show me how I’m feeling, read the cannabis breathe

We will choose a simple device to monitor air temperature and humidity.  The climate monitor is on AmazonSmile as “AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor.”  The unit price is $8.49 and includes free shipping on purchases over 35 dollars.  We will need two of these devices.  The device measures indoor temperature including Fahrenheit or Celsius, in addition to humidity.  The humidity level icon indicates high, low, or ideal indoor conditions.  As well as, reading daily high and low temperature for humidity records.  More so, the unit is wireless and offers a magnet-mountable festure.  The unit is powered by one (1) AA battery (not included).


Test the coziness of the water for Cannabis roots, pH tester

AmazonSmile offers us “CoZroom 0.1pH High Accuracy Pocket Size pH Meter with ATC and Backlit LCD, 0-14 pH Measurement Range, 0.1 Resolution Handheld, Measure Household Drinking Water(Yellow).”  The unit price is $17.59 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.   We will purchase this unit to test our cannabis pH.  The unit incorporates a LCD screen, glass probe, 0.1pH readout accuracy, with a 0.1 Resolution.  The unit can measure a range of pH 0-14, 0.1pH accuracy.


Adjust your Cannabis reservoir, know your PH

Our water control is simple.  We will choose “General Hydroponics GH1514 General Hydroponics Ph Control Kit,” from AmazonSmile.  The unit price is $15.44 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The unit is a design whose purpose is for hydroponic environments, both soil-less mixtures and soil grown cannabis.  The unit includes an 8oz bottle of pH Up which is used to increase the pH to the level of desire.  In addition, the unit contains an 8oz bottle of pH down, using food grade phosphoric acid lowering the pH to the level of desire.   We will purchase a pH tester separately and will not focus on the additional pH Test Indicator tube.  However, in order to use the tube fill a test-tube halfway with water from the reservoir, add 3-5 drops of pH Test Indicator, and observe coloration of water in the vial.  Standard operating procedures require a mindful gardener to replace hydroponic solution regularly.


Test the veracity of your cannabis reservoir, know your ppm, tds, water temperature

AmazonSmile offers the “Digital Aid® Professional Quality Water Test Meter. TDS, EC and Temperature Meter. 0-9990ppm. Lifetime Guarantee. Accurate and Reliable Water Test Meter. Ideal for Drinking Water, Aquariums, Ponds.”  This product comes in with the highest reviews by a number of users for the quality of the product on the basis of price.

The manufacturer off an awesome “100% Money Back Guarantee for Life! ONLY FROM LORETTA GREEN LLC,” as AmazonSmile says.  In addition, the unit inform of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). This informs us when we need to add more nutrients to the reservoir, if there is a disturbance in the force, buildup of algae, bacteria.  The technical aspects include Accuracy: ± 2% with a range of 0-9990ppm, 0-9990 µs/cm,  to 0.1-80.0°C, 32.0-176.0°F.


Let Your Light Shine, from close to far canopy distance

Our garden will require us to purchase Light Hangers/ Adjusters.  We will purchase from AmazonSmile the “iPower 6-Pairs of GLROPEX6 1/8″ Heavy Duty Adjustable Grow Light Rope Clip Hanger w/Improved Metal Internal Gears, 8-Feet Long (LONGEST EVER), 150lb Capacity per Pair, Fully Locking; Tear & Rust Resistant.”  The unit price is $20.99 with free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The purchase includes a pair of 1/8″ pulley hangers.  The pulleys support up to 75-pound weight load capacity per ratchet. Therefore, a pair can handle 150-pounds.  The length of the rope is 8 feet and includes 4 simple carabiner clips.  The rope is made of braids of Polypropylen. The carabiner clips are Zinc Plated Steel / Metal Internal GearsThe pulleys are fully adjustable and lock into space and are tear and rust resistant.


Hang your light safely, ceiling and screws, one of these should work

In order to hang our cannabis lights safely we will need to order a Mounting Kit.  AmazonSmile offers us the “ARROW 160455 Drywall Drill Bit, Screw and Anchor Kit.”  The unit price is $7.99 and includes free Shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The purchase includes: Hard Plastic Storage Case (1), 3/16-Inch Drill Bit (1), 1/4-Inch Drill Bit (1), Flanged Plastic Anchor For Screws: 6-8 x 3/4 inch (36), 8-10 x 7/8 inch (36), Phillips Pan Head Tapping Screws: 4 X 1-Inch (18), 8 X 1-1/4-Inch (16), 10 x 1-1/2-Inch (16), 6 X 1-Inch (18).  The mounting kit works with plaster or dry walls. The bits are drywall bits, and they will work on plaster. The drill bits are not intended for brick or concrete.

The anchors have been known to fall apart when inserting them into the wall or ceiling.  The materials are not of the highest quality, however, once the anchor is in the anchor will have the proper strength for our application.  The drill bit quality is on the lower spectrum, importantly, the bits get the job done at an affordable price when mindful and working with precision.  Be mindful with your pressure as to not snap or break the drill bit.


Feel strong in your capability to hold your light

In addition we will need to purchase mounting brackets in order to hold the pulleys.  AmazonSmile offers mounting brackets under “Alise J5207-4P Stainless Steel Heavy Duty “L” Corner Brace Joint Angle Bracket Shelf Bracket Wall Hanging 125mmX75mm/5 InchX3 Inch, 4Pcs Brushed Finish.”  The unit price is $13.99 and includes free Shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The mounting brackets are stainless steel and will not rust.  The unit dimensions are 125 x 75 x 3mm/5″ x 3″ x 0.12″ (L*W*T); Mount Hole Dia.: 5mm/ 0.2.”  The unit quantity includes 4 x brackets and 24 X Screws.


Purchase some lungs, cannabis roots need to breath

Importantly, we will always install or place our cannabis air pump outside of the indoor cannabis garden.  We want to pull in a higher oxygen content from outside the garden.   Our air pump will supply oxygen to the reservoir.  AmazonSmile lists the “Active Aqua Air Pump, 4 Outlets, 6W, 15 L/min.”  The unit price is $27.65 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The unit is moderately quiet to silent with an adjuster on the intensity of air flow which effects the level of sound.  The unit is capable of pumping 240 gallons per hour or 15 liters per minute.  As well, the unit has a maximum amperage of 0.08 and consumes 6-watts of energy.


Connect our lungs, cannabis air way

We will need to purchase from AmazonSmile some air hose/ tubing T connectors.  The product appears as “Mudder 50 Pieces Air Valve Connector Plastic Inline Tubing for Aquarium Fish Tank, Tee and Straight Shape, White.”  The unit price is $5.99 and includes Shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The dimensions of the T-connectors are: 1.2 (L) x 0.72 (W) x 0.2 (H) inch/ 30 x 18 x 5 mm and straight connectors are 1.08 (L) x 0.2 (D) inch/ 2.75 x 5 mm.  These connectors will connect two of the outlets into one outlet.  We will then connect tubing to the one connector and an air stone and place such in the resevoir.  The unit is non-toxic.  The unit includes air valve connectors with 50 pieces of tubing connectors, 25 pieces of T-connectors, and 25 pieces straight shape connectors.


Bubble the Cannabis reservoir, love your cannabis root zone

We will need to pump oxygen into the reservoir with the tubing and air pump.  We will use the air stone to diffuse oxygen into the water through air bubbles.  AmazonSmile lists “Active Aqua ASCL Air Stone Cylinder, Large.” The unit price is $7.99 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  We need two of these air stones. Air stones are designed to add oxygen and circulate nutrition to the hydroponic cannabis garden.  Increasing oxygen to the reservoir extends the life of nutrient solutions, maintains and encourage roots health and expansion. The dimension of the unit is 4″ X 2″ X 2″. The unit will fit 4mm inner diameter tubing.


Breath oxygen into the cannabis root zone, tubing

The Air hose/ tubing we will purchase is on AmazonSmile as “Hydro Flow 100-Feet Roll Vinyl Tubing with 1/8-Inch Internal Diameter and 1/4-Inch Outer Diameter, Black.”  The unit price is $22.33 and includes free shipping.  The tubing is made of FDA materials.


The cannabis gardeners diaphragm, the ventilation fan

In order to keep temperatures low and increase cannabis health and decrease pests we need ventilation.  We need a ventilation fan.  AmazonSmile lists “VIVOSUN 8 Inch 720 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller for Ventilation.”  The unit price is $89.95 and includes free shipping.  The noise level is 40 decibels or less.  The unit includes a removable duct with locking tabs for quick removal and easy maintenance.  The unit runs on 120V at a frequency of 60Hz.


Cannabis wants you the breathe on her like Mother Nature, oscillating fans

We will need to purchase two Oscillating Fans.  AmazonSmile lists “Simple Deluxe 2-Pack Heavy Duty Quiet Stainless 16-Inch Wall Mount Oscillating Fan, For Commercial Industrial Hydroponics Use.” The unit price is $59.99 and includes free shipping.  The units have a 16 inch diameter fan blade with 3 speed motor.  The fans function with 90 degrees of oscillating angles.  As well, the unit includes two pull cords for oscillation and speed.  The power cord is 60 inches in length and the warranty is 1 year.

Clean up your Cannabis sweat, dehumidifier

We will need to purchase two dehumidifiers.  Dehumidifiers are crucial to mitigating or reducing risk of pests and inspects.  As well, Cannabis thrives in well-regulated humidity during flower.   AmazonSmile offers the, “BLACK+DECKER BDT45WT 45 Pint Portable Dehumidifier, White.”

The unit removes up to 45 pints of water in 24 hours.  The unit includes 3 speed fan with operating temperature s ranging from 41 to 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  The unit is chosen as well because it has an adjustable thermostat with digital display.  Importantly, the unit is capable of holding 8.5 pints of water in its bucket and is also capable of continuous drainage.  The unit does operate on a 24 hour timer and has a safety function with an auto shutoff, auto restart, and auto defrost.  As well, the majority of mainstream units are environmentally friendly with R410a refrigerant like this one.

Please be mindful the control panel has preset modes that include the living area, basement, and so forth. However, the manual does not communicate what the presets are. Each preset represent a different humidity level.  Therefore, you learn what those levels are.

The manual does not differentiate between “Continuous” preset, which operates the unit continuously regardless of the humidity level. Further, “continuous draining” is the same as nonstop regardless of humidity level.

Please be mindful the air intake on the unit is on the back. Do not place the unit against a wall. Exhaust is on the right side.


It’s so hot, cannabis cool time

We need to purchase an air conditioner to maintain ideal air temperature.  We will chose a standing portable unit for ease of installation, and for maneuverability from one garden to another.  AmazonSmile lists the, “DELLA 048-GM-48266 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling Fan Dehumidifier A/C Remote Control + Window Vent Kit, White.”  The unit price is $239.97 and includes free shipping.

The unit includes a window kit and exhaust hoses.  As well, the unit includes one hose installation kit. The unit is capable of powering a 300 square foot room.  This is powerful enough to keep a garden room cool.  Importantly, the unit offers an auto-restart and saves your settings for when power is restored to the unit if power cuts out.  The unit has 8,000 BTU’s is 120 Vac and 60hz at 850 watts.  In addition, a max noise level of 56 decibels, with an air flow of 350 cubic meters per hour, or about 206 cubic feet per minute.  The unit weighs in at 75 lbs. and comes equipped with wheels.


How does cannabis know to grow, time to time

We need to purchase timers!  We will purchase at least two timers from AmazonSmile “VIVOSUN 24 Hours Grounded Timer UL Listed 120 Volt.”  The unit price is $7.95 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The unit is a 24 hours grounded timer.  Each tab or section on the unit represents a 15 minute On/Off.  The unit is 125 Volt and supports up to 15 amps the maximum work load is 1875 watts.  The timer is perfect for hydroponic cannabis gardens, lighting, heating systems, cooling systems/ fans, and more.

In order to accurately setup and adjust the time please read the following.  The current time is set by aligning the arrow. AM time is white. PM time is black.

The tabs are down or in when we want our outlet ON.  If we need the timer on the side a switch toggles between “on” and “timer.”


Power your cannabis, plug me in

We will as well need to purchase a power strip.  AmazonSmile offers the “GoGreen Power GG-16103MS 6 Outlet Surge Protector w/ 2.5′ Cord.”  The unit price is $4.35 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.


Wrap me up mom or dad, Cannabis says, I’m too hot, I’m too cold

In order to control the temperature in our gardener more effectively we will purchase a Radiant Barrier.  As well, the radiant barrier serves to block out unwanted lights from windows and doors.  The unit price is $114.44 + $4.99 shipping. The unit is 1000 square feet.  Radiant barrier technology is from NASA and is a design meant to protect astronauts from harmful heat and radiation in outer space.   Additionally, the unit is a commercial grade solid white and is non perforated.


How to place your radiant blanket, hammer time

We will need to purchase a Hammer Tacker.  The tacker will allow us to staple into our drywall or plaster the radiant barrier.  If you do not want to staple your wall then stick to the All Weather duct tape and apply as appropriate.  AmazonSmile offers the “Stanley Tools PHT150C SharpShooter Heavy-Duty Hammer Tacker.”  The unit price is $27.69 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The unit is capable of a loads of two full sticks of Stanley SharpShooter TRA700 or Arrow T-50 heavy duty staples (1/4-Inch-3/8-Inch).


Our hammer needs friends, staple the walls to halls of cannabis

We will purchase Hammer Tacker staples.  AmazonSmile offer “Arrow Fastener 506 Genuine T50 3/8-Inch Staples, 1250-Pack.”  The unit price is $3.22 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  We will use the staples to attach the radiant barrier.  The staples are 3/8-inch leg length and have a 3/8-inch crown size.  The unit comes with 1,250 staples which is plenty for our job unless you go hulk on the wall.


I cannot reach my juice, cannabis extension cords

We will need to purchase some extension cords as well to ensure all appliances have access to power sources.  Importantly, some breakers cannot handle the power load.  So, we have extension cords to distribute the power load if necessary.  AmazonSmile lists “General Electric 50360 4 Pack 6ft. 2-Outlet Wall Hugger Extension Cord, White.”  The unit price is $19.95 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The unit has 2-Outlets and is UL listed.


Filly my heart up, Cannabis play pool

We will need to purchase two flood tables.  The cannabis plants will sit in the flood and drain tables.  This is their playground! AmazonSmile offers the “Botanicare Tray, 3 by 3-Feet.”  The unit price is $87.95 and includes free shipping.


Fill up the play pool plumbing, cannabis flood table fitting kit

We will need to purchase two flood table fitting kits.  AmazonSmile offer the “Botanicare Ebb and Flow Fitting Kit with 2 Extensions.”  One piece is where the water pump shoots water in and the other piece is where the water drains with gravity.  The unit price is $8.95 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The interior female threads accept 3/4″ standard pipe.  The units are a design specifically for use as ebb and flow adapters and bulkheads.  The application increases versatility due to threads into bulkhead adapters.  Application include aeroponic and drip applications.


Cannabis must drink from the challis, the holy grail must flow

We will need to purchase two water pumps.  AmazonSmile offer us the , “EcoPlus 728305 Eco 264 Submersible Pump, 290GPH.”  This will be sufficient to meet our water pump needs in order to fill the holy grail for the cannabis.  The unit price is $19.95 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The unit advertises as pumping 290 Gallons per hour with a 28 watt motor.  The pump come with adapters to 0.75″ barb x 0.75″ thread, and two-.5″ Barb x 0.75″ thread and Nozzle x 3.4″ threaded.  We will submerse this pump into the water.  The power cord is pre-wired and 69 inches long operating on a 120v.  As well, Sunshine and friends remove the suction cups from the bottom of the water pump in order to reduce places for algae or bacteria to make a home.


Reservoir of holding, contain your magic

We will need to purchase two reservoirs with a cover/ lid to hold our water for the ebb and flow table.  AmazonSmile offers a complete package, “40 Gal Reservoir w/Cover Sys.”  The unit price is $259.91 and includes free shipping.


Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, clean your holy cannabis grail

We will purchase sanitizer known as H202.  The H202 will neutralize harmful bacteria, fungus, and other biological organisms which threaten the health of our cannabis.  AmazonSmile offers, “Nutrilife H2O2 Liquid Oxidizer 29% Hydrogen Peroxide 1 Liter Bottle.”  The unit price is $13.50 and includes free shipping.  When we sanitize our flood and reservoir tables we always wear food safety gloves.  H202 will burn the skin.  As well, this is the same reason why we need to thoroughly wipe our resevoirs and flood tables with neutral water and dry them after.  Drying our resevoirs and flood tables is critical in order to not experience burning and shock to the root zone of the cannabis.  Captain Sunshine knows what cloudy days feel like.


We are not humpty dumpty, gorilla, gorilla

We will purchase white duct tape. Importantly, we need to purchase duct tape that is all weather.  We need all weather duct tape because of the moisture that will be built up within our cannabis garden.  Further, as moisture builds there will develop a vacuum of space separating the tape from whatever surface it attaches to.  AmazonSmile offers, “(2) Gorilla 6025001-2 Duct Tape (2 Pack), 1.88″ x 30 yd., White.”  The unit price is $22.99 ($11.50 / Piece) and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  The original Gorilla Tae is black.  This versions is the same strength as Gorilla Tape in a white sprectum, as well as including UV resistance.  I do tear Gorilla Tape by hand, however, after a period of time your hands will tire.

Be mindful to clean any surface dirt before applying Gorilla Tape. Be mindful of pockets, creases, or rolls.  As able, store Gorilla Tape in a dry cool place and out of the sun or light. If able organize our tape vertically other than laying flat, place upon a hook. When storing multiple rolls keep them within the wrapper until appropriate for use. Gorilla Tape operates best at a climate above 32°F (0°C).


How art thou hands?

We will need to purchase food safety gloves.  We must always wear food safety gloves when handling H202.  Captain requires his team to always wear food safety gloves as risk mitigation for germs and other threats to the environment.  In addition, Captain never wears his shoes in the cannabis garden.  AmazonSmile offers for purchase, “Nitrile Exam Gloves – Medical Grade, Powder Free, Latex Rubber Free, Disposable, Non Sterile, Food Safe, Indigo (purple) color, Convenient Dispenser Pack of 100, Size Small.”  The unit price is $10.22 ($0.10 / Glove) and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.  Choose the appropriate size for your hands.  Sizes come in small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Daily we expose ourselves to harmful solvents, viruses, mold, germs, bacteria, chemicals, and cancer-causing agents. Harmful toxins live on the on our skin and transmission is through touch. Food safety gloves are effective in reducing risk and protecting public health.


Honor the cannabis temple, close your doors when leaving

We will need to purchase zippers to easily access our cannabis garden and reduce threats of pests and light.  AmazonSmile offers environment control with zippers that have an adhesive glue to attach to our radiant barrier surface.  The zippers also attach well to poly vinyl.  However, over time the zippers may lose strength due to humidity levels.  Therefore, we can reinforce the zipper with white duct tape strips along the side cut into strips.  AmazonSmile offers for purchase, “IVOSUN Two Packs Heavy Duty Peel & Stick Zipper for Dust Barriers 7ft x 3inch.”  The unit price is $15.95 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.


Set thine cannabis, build your house upon a rock

In order to keep costs low we will build our stands for our cannabis flood tables.  The stands are made of 2 x 4’s and 4 x 4’s.  In addition we use screws, bolts, and washers.  We also label all our corners after pre drilling our holes.  We label a, b, c, d, and 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively.  This helps us keep track of which pieces belong together during assembly in the cannabis garden.  We prefer to do all pre drilling outside if able to reduce a mess and contamination in the cannabis garden.


Amazon Smile offers the, “The Hillman Group 591521 Small Flat and Lock Washer Assortment, 270-Pack.”  This package is affordable and allows options for bolt sizes as appropriate.  The unit price is $9.95 and includes free shipping on orders over $35 dollars.

In addition, we will purchase bolts. AmazonSmile offers, “3/8″ X 4″ Tap Bolts (Box of 50).”  The unit price is $29.10 + $7.00 shipping.

Finally, at least for getting the spaceship running we need the 4 x 4’s and 2 x 4’s.  However, Captain will not calculate these costs.  The cannabis gardener will need to source their local lumber store.  You will need 8 legs for the stands.  The legs are made of the 4 x 4.  The 4 x 4’s will be at least 14 inches in length.  Importantly, the 4 x 4 legs need to be cut to length in order to have clearance and pull the reservoir out from under.  Therefore, cut according to your needs.  The 2 x 4’s are our supports.  We need twelve 2 x 4’s cut to at least four feet.  However, measure your room and cut your 2 x 4’s so they hold the flood table, yet offer space for yourself to walk around.  We use two of the pieces as supports like a bed.