Beginners Guide

You have decided you want to grow Cannabis Indoors!

You may have never grown before, or have grown outdoors but not indoors, or even from novice to master for indoor growing; we need to ask ourselves the following questions.  How do we grow cost efficient, environmentally friendly, human friendly (no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful synthetics), and highest yielding plant to meet our recreational, psychological, psyco-social, and medical desires?  Those questions direct our energy and focus our minds in order to simplify the information, educate, and provide a foundation for making informed decisions.  If it’s not science, it’s bullshit.  The internet is full of what we call “Qualitative Evidence,” which is based upon experience and in the field observation.  The majority of information you will find on the internet is Qualitative Evidence and not “Quantitative Evidence” which uses math to observe reality rather than subjective opinion.  Captain Sunshine and team will do their best to provide the most quantitative evidence when possible.  Let’s begin.

  1. Of the questions above which is the most important to you? Cost, carbon footprint, toxicity, or yield.
    1. Beginners often consider: cost
      1. Gain experience, save money, invest when you feel confident.
    2. Intermediates often consider: cost and yield.
      1. You feel familiar with the life cycle of cannabis and want to increase your skill, and smoking a health conscious product is not your priority.
    3. Advanced consider: cost, yield, toxicity.
      1. You have been growing awhile or you have been smoking for personal use for some time, you love cannabis, you feel its benefits, you’re a business minded person, and you care about what you put in your body or share with others.
    4. Masters consider: Cost, carbon footprint, toxicity, and yield.
      1. You have money, or are a good planner, are good at saving, you care about the planet because you have a loving heart and soul, you want the best weed Earth has to offer, you feel a spiritual connection to cannabis and the Earth.
  1. How much time are you willing to realistically invest in your plants? One hour a day on average, forty five minutes a day on average, thirty minutes a day on average, or robot efficient?
    1. The more money you have the easier it is to automate your garden and increase efficiency and productivity.
    2. The less money you have the more labor you will need to put into your garden.
    3. Like Coach says, “You only get out what you put in.”
  1. How much space to you have to commit to the garden?
    1. Earth Outpost
      1. Greater than 500 square feet
    2. Space Station Operation
      1. Closet, room, another closet/garage
    3. Space Launch Pad
      1. Closet and room
    4. Rocket Laboratory
      1. A single closet or a single room/ garage
  1. Do we want to grow plants from seeds, clones, how many strains, how fast do you want to cycle from vegetative to flower to harvest/ repeat, and if we want to engage in environmental controls?
    1. Our budget will determine if we can afford quality seeds, productivity/ efficiency, and environmental controls.
      1. Lowest cost setup: clones, closet
      2. Medium cost setup: clones, closet, environmental control
  • Advanced cost setup: clones, closet, room, environmental controls
  1. Expert cost setup: seeds, closet, room/garage, environmental controls
  2. Master cost setup: seeds, closet, room/garage, environmental controls, carbon footprint zero emission

With an increase in science and information sharing the medical benefits of cannabis are changing stigmas towards the growing and cultivation of cannabis. Changes in state laws towards medical marijuana and states passing recreational marijuana laws in the United States is leading to an increase of growing cannabis indoors.  Growing cannabis indoors when done scientifically will yield the most productive and efficient results known to humanity.  Quality, quantity, and control of the cannabis product is most scientifically achievable growing indoors.

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