Spider Mites

Spider Mites, help them find their next incarnation quickly, it’s not a moral thing

Captain Sunshine loves all creatures in existence.  However, spider mites, never have a place in a craft cannabis garden. Importantly, spider mites come from the arachnid family, and are relatives of ticks and spiders. Additionally, other species include the Two-spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus Pacific Spider Mite, and Strawberry Spider Mite.  The specific specie of spider mite is difficult to identify; however, treatment and application approaches are similar.

Lex Luthor Nasties, Spider mite life cycle, they do die, or do they…

Captain Sunshine is well aware spider mites can explode out of control in the right climate/ conditions.  A beautiful blue sky day turns into thunderstorms real quick when the cannabis conneseuirs lets this challenge go by.  Craft cannabis turns into craft nasty real quick.  Once you have an infestation of such nasties are you seriously going to want to ingest the poison of Lex Luthor? Right, that’s crazy.  Captain Sunshine does not advocate or recommend ingestion of cannabis that is not craft cannabis.

Further, spider mites/ Lex Luthor’s Nasties like warm and dry environments with little to no wind.  Beware, Lex Luthor will find your curing and drying space if you have another region of your garden with these Lex Luthor Nasties.  Inherently not beautiful on cannabis. By the time you see their webbing you’re fucked.  Yes things are savable, however, this not craft. Lex luthor Nasties live five stages: egg, larva, two nymph cycles, and adult.  It’s ok, we all have learning challenges.  For certain, Captain Sunshine has seen tremendously melancholy days.  Fortunately, those days are a memory.

However, Captain Sunshine does assist friends with such challenges in order to continuously learn.  Yet, extreme measures must be taken in order to prevent garden contamination.  Captain Sunshine strongly advises destruction of all plants and a complete wipe down of the garden with H2o2 and start over.  In the end, you will spend more time trying to get rid of Lex Luthor Nasties in an epic saga of pain and suffering, constantly reincarnating, to only continue the same pattern for eternity.  Destroy, and start over.

Eggs – Overwinter occurs under leaf matter, such as old composts, bark, dense vegetation/ foliage, in fallen leaf matter, and areas which shelter from wind.  Importantly, the indoor cannabis garden when setup appropriately can only receive contaminants from outside.  Therefore, use extreme caution when acquiring clones, teens, or any form of cannabis plant, relative, or vegetative specie susceptible to Lex Luthor Nasties ( i.e. strawberries). The mindful craft cannabis gardener always observes the underside of the leaves when inspecting their indoor cannabis garden.  As such, the cannabis gardener may observe speckles, specks, dots, the size of the tip of a needle, or the end of a mechanical pencil. Lex Luthor Nasties replicate to serve Lex Luthor’s dark purposes every three days. Therefore, if you want to get control of your indoor cannabis garden you must act with grate haste.  You will need to assemble the Justice League to thwart Lex Luthor Nasties.  Indeed, in order to summon the Justice League many experience points must be spent, and get out your wallet.

Larva – Lex Luthor has his minions replicate and begin spawning, hatching, after the last frost outdoors. Additionally, Lex Luthor Nasties hide from you in this stage of their life, seeking to remain hidden, build strength in their numbers, and then begin to feed upon the precious cannabis.  Thus, little to no feeding occurs in this stage, and the darkness of Lex Luthor remains hidden.

Nymph – In this stage baby Lex Luthor Nasties look similar to adult Lex Luthor Nasties.  However, comparably smaller and fortunately unable to reproduce. In addition, Lex Luthor Nasties develop in two nymph stages: proto-nymph and deuto-nymph.  This is the stage when the Justice League needs to assault quickly.

Adult – Lex Luthor Nasties have now grown their power to 0.4 mm long with eight legs.  As well, adult Lex Luthor Nasties comes in multiple appearances to confuse you, red, pale yellow, green, orange, and brown.  Beware, Lex Luthor is constantly evolving, adapting, and mitigate damage prevention techniques, and may one day again evolve into other forms, colors, and resistances. Thankfully, Captain Sunshine can travel between the Marvel and DC Universe, immune to kryptonite, yet still feeding off of the cosmic power of the sun.  Further, Lex Luthor Nasty Females lay approximately 50-100 eggs during their service to Lex Luthor. Note, Lex Luthor Nasty eggs which do not receive fertilization as eggs hatch as males, and Lex Luthor Nasty eggs which receive fertilization hatch as females.

The ability for Lex Luthor to establish his minions of darkness varies on the basis of environmental conditions.  Whereas, temperature is a predominant theme for the rise of Lex Luthor. Accordingly, when Lex Luthor’s evil surfaces a whole generation of Lex Luthor Nasties can generate in less than a week.

Lex Luthor Nasties Do Damage, Observe Damage Symptoms

Lex Luthor Nasties damage cannabis leaves because they feed upon the nutrients in the membrane of the leaf, and drawing upon the sweet nectar.  Thus, the cannabis leafs cells power Lex Luthor Nasties.  Consequently, cannabis leaves develop stippling, spotting, speckling, and dots upon the leaves. Oh boy, has Captain Sunshine seen things such as cosmically villainous damage resulting in bronzing of cannabis leaves, evolving from a yellow, turning darker hues into rustic brown. Assaults of sunshine and wind, organic eco-friendly nontoxic soaps, neem oil, some voodoo, force powers, stones of power, stripping of damage, and Ultraviolet lasers beams of light might work.

To continue, in the yellowing Lex Luthor assault phase leaves often drop from the cannabis before turning bronze. Additional warnings of Lex Luthor Nasties are curling of leaves, burning edges, bronze, golden cannabis leaves evolving into leathery texture.  Lex Luthor Nasties kryptonite webbing is the final assault when Lex Luthor Nasty populations expand.

Lex Luthor Nasties Control & Management

Lex Luthor does not brush his teeth. Accordingly, always sanitize, clean, isolate, regulate, monitor, and track your indoor cannabis growing environment. Including wiping, scrubbing, spraying, and soaking of equipment as appropriate with H2O2.   In order to mitigate threats of bacteria and insects to the indoor cannabis garden.

Lex Luthors Nasty spider mites have complete infiltration of your garden and you have attachments to your indoor cannabis.  First, knockdown spray. Craft cannabis gardeners use organic insecticides. Such as, knock down sprays, preventative sprays, Azadirachtin, Pyrethrin, and Neem Oil directly onto Lex Luthor Nasties. Lex Luthor Nasty spider mite infestations need attacking at 3-day intervals, daily intervals, or weekly prevention methods.  Such methods are in order to achieve control of your indoor cannabis environment.  As well, many gardener apply horticultural oils to their outside gardens and landscaping.  Preventative methods reduce threats of Lex Luthor Nasty overwintering spawn zones reducing seasonal egg populations.  As well, preventative method include introducing predators outdoors.  Outdoor Lex Luthor Nasty predators include Mite Destroyers.

A Justice League hero is the Mite Destroyer.  Craft Cannabis gardeners often introduce the Justice Leagues Herald of Cannabis/ Mite Destroyer in order to prevent Lex Luthor Nasty settlements.  The Herald of Cannabis eats all stages of Lex Luthor Nasty Spider Mites.  In addition, seeks out infestation zones with the power of flight.  The Herald of Cannabis is a phenomenal warrior, however, requires 4-6 weeks to reach maximum power.  The Herald of Cannabis Mite Destroyer life cycle is 18 days at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.   Further, you must summon 100 Herald of Cannabis Mite Destroyers in order to start a colony.

Captain Sunshine’s method of preference is to assemble the Justice League when attachments to cannabis are present.  Therefore, the Justice Leagues comprises Beneficial Insects.  In order to be able to assemble the Justice League the appropriate conditions must exist.  Accordingly, the knock down spray occurs prior to releasing the Justice League.  A knock down spray will assist in controlling Lex Luthor’s Nasty Spider Mite replication rates, essentially hitting them with a stun grenade.  As well, we will alter our environmental conditions to suite the Justice Leagues favorite climate.  Each super hero in the Justice League has optimal power up conditions.  The craft cannabis gardener must learn each super hero’s skills, character traits, stacking power ups with other hero’s, and how to call in additional reinforcements.

Mite Predator – Amblyseius andersoni, Phytoseiulus persimilis, Amblyseius fallacis, Mesosiulus longipes, Galendromus occidentalis, Neoseiulus californicus

Spidermite Destroyer – Feltiella acarisuga, Stethorus punctillum

Phytoseiulus Persimilis offers a wide temperature range and can tolerate moderate humidity.  The temperature ranges from 55 – 105+ degrees Fahrenheit, whereas, humidity ranges 55 – 90 percent.

Neoseiulus californicus  offers a moderate temperature range, and a high humidity range.  The temperature ranges from 55 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas, humidity ranges from 60 – 90 percent.

Mesoseiulus longipes offers the widest humidity and temperature range. The temperature ranges from 55 – 105+ degrees Fahrenheit, whereas, humidity range from 45 – 90 percent.

Therefore, moderating the humidity at 60 percent and temperature at 68 degrees Fahrenheit will assemble the Justice League environment.